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EMu Data

The Field Museum and other institutions worldwide use a collections management system called "EMu". To learn more, take a look at:



Natural History Museums in the Danger-Zone

Presentation - Oct 2023

Axiell User Conference 2023

EMu and DwC - How will EMu handle the new Unified Model?

Presentation - July 2022

Diversifying the GBIF Data Model

Using the Consultation Module to Handle Requests for Objects & Media

Presentation - December 2020

Axiell User Conference 2020

Reducing the Pain of Getting your Backlog Published

Presentation (& abstract) on modeling FMNH data in the current draft Collections Description data standard - September 2020

TDWG 2020

Fables of the How's & Where's

Presentation (+ notes) on standardized relationship data in EMu and on an IPT - February 2020

TPT Workshop

Immediate Access vs Open Access

FMNH IT's response to a Nature article on data accessibility - October 2019

Data Norms

Action and Collections in EMu

Presentation by Emily Clark - August 2019

Check out Action-Fish data!

FMNH in GloBI-News

GloBI Blog by Jorrit Poelen following the Interconnectedness of Data Symposium at SPNHC - May 2019


Bibliography Module

Presentation (pdf & ppt) at 2019 North American Axiell User Conference - May 2019

Standards Documentation

What's Next / System-wide Changes

"What's Next" & "System-wide changes" Presentations (& notes) at 2019 North American Axiell User Conference - May 2019

Standards Documentation

Misadventures in Biodiversity Data standards

Presentation (& notes) at SatRday Chicago 2019 - Apr 2019

SatRdays Github Repo

Getting Data Back

Presentation (& notes) at SPNHC+TDWG 2018 Conference - Sep 2018

Learn More

Getting Data Out There

Presentation at the 2018 Axiell Midwest Roadshow - Oct 2017

Learn More

Recap: Digital Data Conference

A recap of the 2018 Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference

Learn More

Global Collections Dashboard

Presentation at the 2017 Axiell Conference - Oct 2017

Learn More

What's Missing From All the Portals

Presentation at the TDWG 2017 Conference - Oct 2017

Learn More

GBIF Data Mobilization - Caribbean

GBIF's 2nd BID Workshop - Jun 2017

Learn More

A Single U.S. Herbarium Network

Presentation (& notes) from a Symposium at the Botany Conference - Jun 2017

Learn More

Exhibition Objects workflow

Presentation (and notes) at the EMu MidWest User Meeting - Jun 2017

Learn More

Exhibitions meets Collections Data

Presentation on merging Museum databases - Oct 2016

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How to XSLT

Presentation on using XSLT to transform XML to HTML - Oct 2016

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GBIF Data Mobilization

GBIF's 1st BID Workshop (and videos) - Sept 2016

Learn More

Visualizing EMu Data

Presentation on a few collections data visualization methods - April 2016

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Visualizing Natural History

Poster a for IEEE Visualization 2015 - Oct 2015

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Websites in EMu

Presentation for SPNHC 2015 - May 2015

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Why DNG's for archiving images - Feb 2015

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